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Add hyperlinks to CRM record in Power BI

Today, we are going to learn how to hyperlink CRM entity records using Power BI desktop.

Figure 1: Use hyperlink in CRM Power BI Report

For creating a hyperlink in Power BI report. Load the data from CRM entity.

I have used a custom entity having schema name as “new_powerbi” for this post. Select the columns which is require for your reporting purpose.

After that click on “New Column” button which appears on the menu bar or  you can right click on the “new_powerbis” data set and select New column option.

Figure 2: Create New column for hyperlink

This will open an editor where the mapping must be done for fulfilling the hyperlinking functionality.

Note: Before you proceed with hyperlink, make sure that you have a “primaryid” in your dataset. This is required for opening an individual record when a you click on the link without any conflict.

Figure 3: Create a New Column

Insert the values in the below format:

Column = "{" & datasetname[primaryidcolumn] &"}&newWindow=true&pagetype=entityrecord"

EntitySchemaName – new_powerbi

DataSetName – new_powerbis (Refer below image DataSetName in marked with red)

CRM URL = "{" & new_powerbis[new_powerbiid] &"}&newWindow=true&pagetype=entityrecord"
Figure 4: Insert the value in New Column editor.

Clicking on enter will add a new column to your report. The column will contain the URL of each record in the form of text.

Figure 5: Fetch CRM URL in text format

For converting the whole big URL from text to hyperlink. You need to click on Data, go to Modeling tab.

Select CRM URL column and Click on “Data Category: Uncategorized” dropdown. Then select Web URL option. This action will convert the text url into hyperlink format.

Figure 6: Convert text URL to hyperlink format

Navigate back to Report. You will find that the text in CRM URL columns has been converted from text to hyperlink format.

Figure 7: CRM URL column having hyperlink URL

Now, you need to click in CRM URL column and Go to Format –> Values. As shown in the below image.

Figure 8: Option to convert link url to link icon

Clicking on Values you will find an option URL icon” turn it On. This will change the entire column hyperlink url to a hyperlink icon.

Figure 9: Enable URL icon on CRM URL column

Clicking on the URL icon will redirect you to CRM entity record.


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