Omnichannel for Customer Service – Part 3

This is part 3 of Omnichannel for Customer Service. Where we will be exploring on Omnichannel Insight for Dynamics 365.

For the previous parts of Omnichannel you can refer the below links:

Omnichannel Insight for Dynamics 365 provides us an insight into the customer service omnichannel delivery and it also provides the information about the customer sentiments.

This allow the Supervisors to perform the following tasks from the dashboard:

  • Monitor Omnichannel operational metrics across Channel, Queues and Agents.
  • Monitor support quality via sentiment analysis across Channels, Queues and Agents.
  • Monitor Bot operational metrics

Click here to access the Omnichannel Insight for Dynamics 365 from Microsoft App Source.

Omnichannel Insight for Dynamics 365

Click on GET IT NOW button.

For accessing the Omnichannel Insight under CRM Dashboard we will need to perform a few steps as shown below:

Go to Settings under Developer Resource, we have the Service Root URL of the instance

While connecting to the instance it asks for selecting the Authentication method and Privacy level setting for this data source.
There are 4 types of authentication provide for establishing the connection:

  • Anonymous
  • Basic
  • Key
  • OAuth2

Similarly, we have 4 types of privacy level settings:

  • None
  • Private
  • Organizational
  • Public
Values provided for establishing the connection

Here is our Omnichannel Insights for Dynamics 365, it’s a Power BI Dashboard.

Now, let’s do some setting for accessing the Omnichannel Insights dashboards inside our CRM instance.
For that we need to allow the user to embed Power BI reports under CRM by enabling Allow Power BI visualization embedding to Yes under the System Settings Reporting tab as shown below:

Allow Power BI visualization embedding to Yes

I hope this helps!!!