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Data Migration using KingswaySoft

KingswaySoft is a tool which helps us in data migration activity.

Why Choose KingswaySoft for data migration?

User friendly UI: KingswaySoft has a very nice and easy to understand user interface. As, I was totally new with KingswaySoft tool. The UI really helped me during the data migration process as I need not struggled much by navigating here and there for searching an option.

Establishing connection between two difference system was pretty easy using connection managers. Not even a single line of code was required. If you have worked before on SSIS then KingswaySoft would be very simple.

Let jump to the scenario where I used Kingswaysoft tool.

I had to migrate date from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Third Party application SQL(OLE DB Destination) database. In our case CRM was acting as an up stream system.

Figure 1: Data flow diagram.

Attached is the data flow diagram.

We will not go into very basic like how to establish connections using Connection Managers.

Figure 2: Screenshot of Dynamics CRM Source

Build a fetchxml with the required data/columns which needs to be inserted in the destination system. For me to push the desired data in destination I need to use source type as FetchXML.

Use of Data Conversion: This is used for conversion of an attribute data type like if the source system has an attribute of int type and the destination have the same attribute column in nvarchar datatype.

Use of Derived Column: This is where we can use multiple expression on our columns and populated the values in the destination table columns.

Expression which we can use are like:

Mathematical Functions, String Functions, Date/Time Functions, NULL Functions, Type Casts and Operators.

For attribute which are of option set type I needed to convert the int values into string format because the destination table column was of string type. Therefore I used Data Conversion.

Use of Script Component: This was used by me for creating unique id. When a new row gets inserted into destination table then generate a unique guid for each row..

OLE DB Destination: This is where we establish the connection with the destination system database. Mapping the Source System columns with Destination System columns.