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Gamification with Dynamics CRM 365

Today we will learn how to install and setup gamification in Dynamics CRM 365.

Login to Microsoft App Source and search for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Gamification.

Figure 1: Login to Microsoft App Source

Click on Get it Now, below screen will appear.

Click both the check boxes – Agreeing on Microsoft Legal Terms and Privacy Statement. Hit Agree button.

Figure 2: Accept Microsoft terms and condition

Below screen will appear click on INSTANCES tab search for Gamification and install it. The installation would take few minutes.

Figure 3: Search Gamification
Figure 4: Install Gamification

After gamification solution has been successfully installed.

Navigate to Dynamics CRM 365 go to Settings –> Solutions. Here we will find solutions related to gamification.

Figure 5: Gamification Solution

We can now find the Gamification module. Click on Gamification Settings.

Figure 6: Gamification Module in CRM

Clicking on Start Activation button will ask to provide the permission for gamification.dynamics to accept you organization.

Figure 7: Activate Gamification
Figure 8: Authentication required for activating gamification

Click on Activate button, generate the security key.

Figure 9: Activate Security Key

Copy the security key and paste it in below Security Key text box. Click Activate

Figure 10: Paste Security Code in Security Key
Figure 11: Successfully Installed Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Gamification

Clicking on continue will take you to the below Gamification Portal

Figure 12: Gamification Portal

Else Go to Dynamics 365 CRM — Gamification –> Gamification Settings. Click Open Gamification Portal

Figure 13: Will open Gamification Portal

Click on Games –> Game Setup

Figure 14: Start Game Setup

Below screen will appear. Provide the details in the below fields:

Name                 –>      Game Title

Game Model     –>      Individual or Team Game

Start Date            –>      Game Start Date

End Date              –>       Game End Date

Figure 15: Game Setup

Moving to the next stage create KPI. Assign point for every user action as shown in the below screenshot.

Example: If a user create Lead in CRM for every Lead user will get 10 points.

If a user create opportunity in CRM for every opportunity user will get 50 points.

Figure 16: Define Score Point

Select the players for the game.

Figure 17: Select Player

Select Fan for the game who would be support the player.

Figure 18: Select Fan for the Game

Declare the reward price for the players who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the game.

Click Start Game button.

Figure 19: Declare Price Amount and Start Game
Figure 20: Game Successfully Setup

Go to Games and hit the Games link:

Figure 21: Games

Click on Saved Games tab, select the same and activate it.

Figure 22: Activate Games

After the games is activated. We will get a notification stating that the games have been activated.

Figure 23: Game Activated Successfully

Let’s create some lead and opportunity within CRM. To check how the score point raising within the Score Board game.

Figure 24: Score Board

To check the Lead Score points, click on the KPI Award dropdown. Select Leads Created Award option.

Figure 25: Check Lead Score Point
Figure 26: Lead Creation action score board

Click on Opportunity Created Award.

Figure 27: Opportunity Creation action score board

Happy Gamification!!


Gamification with Dynamics CRM 365

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 launch. It helps the organizations to calculate their employee performance matrix into a game.

Gamification uses the principle from fantasy sports. Which create a game like experience inside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bringing gamification into dynamics is designed to bring greater competition and get the user experience more fun.

Why Gamification?

Gamification has multiple sports inside its solution. Which calculate points based on the action which a user performs within CRM.

While implementing gamification if we apply more gaming principle and make the whole process more fun it may motivate users to come inside CRM and be consistent in entering data.

Note*: In short Gamification is more helpful in boosting your team productivity and Dynamics 365 user adoption.

It is a solution in dynamics 365 which allows user to participate individually or team-based game.

Security Roles in Gamification

Commissioner: Can act as an admin for all the games which are within the CRM. But can not participate in any games nor score any point.

Note*: Game commissioner has a right to create new game and mange users within Gamification portal.

Game Manager: Can help commissioner in performing some administer task. But can participate in games and score points and win awards.

User: Can score point by performing action and achieving result as per defined KPI and win awards.

Fan: Can pick his own team and follow teams.