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Gamification with Dynamics CRM 365

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 launch. It helps the organizations to calculate their employee performance matrix into a game.

Gamification uses the principle from fantasy sports. Which create a game like experience inside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Bringing gamification into dynamics is designed to bring greater competition and get the user experience more fun.

Why Gamification?

Gamification has multiple sports inside its solution. Which calculate points based on the action which a user performs within CRM.

While implementing gamification if we apply more gaming principle and make the whole process more fun it may motivate users to come inside CRM and be consistent in entering data.

Note*: In short Gamification is more helpful in boosting your team productivity and Dynamics 365 user adoption.

It is a solution in dynamics 365 which allows user to participate individually or team-based game.

Security Roles in Gamification

Commissioner: Can act as an admin for all the games which are within the CRM. But can not participate in any games nor score any point.

Note*: Game commissioner has a right to create new game and mange users within Gamification portal.

Game Manager: Can help commissioner in performing some administer task. But can participate in games and score points and win awards.

User: Can score point by performing action and achieving result as per defined KPI and win awards.

Fan: Can pick his own team and follow teams.

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