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Microsoft Release 2020: Features (Kanban Control)

With the very latest Microsoft D365 Release 2020, Microsoft has come up with many new feature among which one is Kanban.

I will directly start with Kanban feature, how to enable it and it’s use.

To get the Kanban view feature, first we need to ensure that our environment has got the 2020 release wave 1 enabled. To check whether our environment is updated with Microsoft 2020 wave 1 release or not, we need to follow few steps.

Please follow the steps provide by Microsoft to enable the early access of Microsoft 2020 Wave 1 Release.

We have got our environment updated with the wave 1 release.

Let’s jump into enabling the Kanban feature for Opportunity entity. To achieve this feature we need to enable the Kanban control under Opportunity entity.
Step 1: Go to Opportunity entity
Step 2: Click on Controls tab

Figure 1: Click on Controls tab under Opportunity entity.

Step 3: Now click on Add control –> Serach for Kanban –> select Kanban and hit the Add button.

Figure 2: Adding Kanban control to Opportunity entity.

Step 4: Select the Kanban control for Web, Phone and Tablet option. This help us in maintaining a consistent view across all the devices.

Figure 3: Enabling Kanban view.

Step 5: Save and Publish the changes.

Now, Let’s navigate to Opportunity entity.
Here is our new Kanban view, where user has an two Kanban type option:

  • Status
  • Business Process Flow

Currently, I have opened the Open Opportunities view where the Kanban Type is Business Process Flow.
I see that Microsoft has provided their users a flexibility to segregate their opportunities depending on the business process flow stages the opportunities are currently residing.

Figure 4: Kanban View of Open Opportunities Kanban Type: Business Process Flow.

Now, lets open All Opportunities view where the Kanban Type is Status.

Figure 5: Kanban type is set to Opportunity Status
Note: If you are unable to find the Kanban feature after updating wave 1 release 2020. You need to click on the ribbon and select Kanban.
Figure 6: Kanban

Hope this helps!!!


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