Microsoft Release 2020: Email Enhancement

Microsoft has come up with enhanced email feature in 2020 release wave 1 plan.

Let’s take a closer look into CRM, how the email functionality used to work before enabling the Enhanced Email feature.
User clicks on email activity from timeline, CRM would navigate the user to Email activity screen.

Now, Let’s enable the Enhanced Email feature.

  • Steps to be followed are:
  • Go to Sales and click App Settings
  • Manage Enhanced Mail option would be available
  • Enable Enhanced Email
Figure 3: Enabled Enhanced Email and Hit the Save button

Going back to the Sales. Refresh the browser to get the changes reflected when user click on Email Activity being within any entity.

Figure 4: Now email activity got opened in a separate dialog.

We still get the ability to work on Account form though New Email form is being populated on top of it.

Hope this blog helps in understanding this feature.
Happy D365 CRM

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