Microsoft Power Virtual Agent(AI chatbot)

Working on Omnichannel for Customer Service, I came across Microsoft Power Virtual Agent which is an AI chatbot.

Power Virtual Agent helps us to create a bot with the no-code interface. Where it minimizes the effort required to deploy and maintain custom solutions. Also, Power Virtual Agent can answer many major issues using the bot service.


  • Allow a person to build a bot without any coding or AI experience
  • Common inquiries can be answered by the bot with any user intervention. This reduces the human agent’s effort and time.
  • Customers can self-help themselves 24/7 using a power virtual agent. This improves customer satisfaction experience.

Now, let’s dive into Power Virtual Agent, click here.

Sign In and follow the below steps:

There are multiple topic already present we can use system and sample topics.

User Topics and System Topics
Hit new topic for creating a new topic
For updating the topic flow click on Go to authoring canvas.

I tried with creating a sample bot for me.

Click here to check the video.

I hope this gives you and idea about Power Virtual Agent.