Omnichannel for Customer Service

Microsoft came up with an app called Omnichannel for Customer Service.

The app is a part of Customer Service which helps the organizations to immediately connect and engage with their customers on a digital platform, like Chat, SMS, Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and many more).

We can test this on the trials instance. Click here to create a new instance.

Select Customer Service while creating a trial instance. If we select any other option, Omnichannel for Customer Service application will not get enabled in your tenant.

Figure 1: Select Customer Service for Trial Instance

Once the instance is setup. Check whether the Customer Service Hub is available or not.

Figure 2: Installed Customer Service Hub

Now, let’s go to the admin center to configure a few settings. Click on Billing -> Purchase services -> Add-ons

Figure 3: Steps to set up subscription

Here for trial purpose, if needed we can get Power BI (free) subscription. Also, there are multiple add-ons that we can have access to like Dynamics 365 Customer Service Digital Messaging add-on trial.

Once the add-ons are configured go to users and assign license accordingly.

Figure 5: Assign license to user

For Provisioning Omnichannel for Customer Service, we will have a provide the data access consent. For that we need to go to the Data access consent URL which would navigate us to the below page where we need to check the consent box and hit the Accept button.

Figure 7: The page appears once the Accept button is clicked.

Next, when we have the data access granted successfully. We need to go back to the admin center and start configuring Omnichannel for our instance.

Figure 8: Admin Center – Power Apps
Figure 9: Select Instance
Figure 10: Click Dynamics 365 Administration Center link
Figure 11: Go to Application tab, Select Omnichannel for Customer Service and hit Manage button

Go to the Application tab, select Omnichannel for Customer Service, and hit the Manage button. The manage button option allows us to configure and remove the channels which are use or no use.

Figure 12: Provide the Consent by clicking on the Check box and hit Accept
Figure 13: Add Environment on which Omnichannel needs to be configured.
Figure 14: Select the instance from the drop down.

For, practice let’s configure all the options which we have on trials instance. This can be turned off when needed.

Figure 15: Enable Chat Feature
Figure 16: Enable SMS feature
Figure 17: Enable Social Media
Figure 18: Enable Microsoft Team
Figure 19: Click on Finish button

By clicking on the Finish button, we confirm the options we opted for Chat, SMS, Social, and Teams. This would take some time to install all the option which we opted for Omnichannel.

Once the installation is completed under the selected instance (MRC), we would the below screen.

Figure 20: Omnichannel setup under MRC Instance

Navigate to My Apps, here we can see Omnichannel has been successfully installed.

Figure 21: Omnichannel successfully installed.

I hope this helps!!!

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