Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator

Continuing to Dynamics 365 Healthcare Accelerator. Let’s learn how to setup the App on our trail instance. Click here to create a new instance. Once the trial instance is ready.

Go to Admin Center, and follow the below steps:

Healthcare Accelerator has few dependencies on other solutions like:

  • Field Service
  • Project Service Automation

Click here for navigating to Microsoft App Source and follow the below steps:

Going back to the solution we can see that installation for Dynamics 365 Electronic Medical Records has been started.

Once the installation is successfully completed we can see the Dynamics Health 365 app.

App: Dynamics Health 365 installed

Dynamics 365 Contact Entity Forms 

The Healthcare Accelerator combines standard CRM entities with customized entities to make it easier to build solutions on top. This section describes examples of built-in forms and views that demonstrate these entities. 

Patient/Practitioner 360 

This view shows Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data directly within a patient or practitioner-specific form in Dynamics. The data model shows appointments, procedures, medications, and other patient/practitioner data in context and a user-friendly interface. 

Patient/Provider Timeline

This view provides a sequential look at all activities that have occurred with the patient or provider. The timeline provides the ability to scale, leveraging a slider, and interact with data directly.

Care Team Viewer

A clear understanding of which member of a patient’s care team owns each facet of care is paramount, as this view clearly and concisely shows.

To know more about Dynamics 365 healthcare accelerator, Click here.

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